Thursday, 7 May 2009

I.D. - The Argument

Some clown of the government has told us in Manchester to have I.D. Cards. What a clown! Does he believe that we are just one person? I am Castro Guinevere but I am also ALL FUTURE. How can I put both on a card of the man? Why must we live as pigeons in holes like Derrida and other scared little conservatives? How can I breathe? How can I breathe?

It is quite simple. Blow up your I.D. card up your ARSES you CLOWN government. Let my people breathe.

1. You cannot stop the future
2. The future has no I.D.
4. So how can I have I.D?

Identity is for each of us to decide. I was not born Castro Guinevere. I had to escape the toxicity of South WALES. I came to MANCHESTER to be ME. I am ALL FUTURE. Does that count for nothing.

My piece today shows the pain of having an unwanted identity THRUST upon you. The PAIN of being FORCED to live as something you are not. I hope it will SHOCK this CRAZY GOVERNMENT and make the people rise up against this oppression of our RIGHTS.


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